Thinkpad x40

This is another great Thinkpad. It’s the oldest laptop I own, and making it work well just makes me feel good! The X40 runs a 32-bit processor, without PAE, which means a couple of things. This limits the amount of RAM that the system can support. This also […]

Samsung 305U

This is a neat little laptop. Its lightweight, the battery still works very well and the keyboard is small yet comfortable. It was very slow running Windows, and I was asked to make it work better. Great request! I decided to go for Lubuntu 20.10 64-bit. This is […]

Thinkpad x61s: updating BIOS

The Lenovo Thinkpad x61s is an excellent laptop. I have done several things to improve performance: reapplied thermal paste to the cooling fan, installed an SSD… It’s currently running Lubuntu 20.10 and working quite well. While looking for information on the X61s I found out that the BIOS […]

Linux brings life to old laptops

Technology advances, and laptops and computers get old and slow. At the same time most laptops that are considered old are more than capable of running applications and functioning just fine. Luckily there are many Linux distributions our there that support old hardware, and that make it possible […]